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Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan

"I remember children's faces best..."

With daughter Anna

With Sara:
(step-daughter) Maria Dylan Born October 21, 1961. She married Peter Himmelman in 1988, and they have four children together (Isacc, ?, ?, ?). She is working as a lawyer.
exclusive information: Maria and her family live in a relatively modest house in the hills of Santa Monica, with a nice view of the ocean
and the pier but nothing special. It is an average two story house with a lawn and trees. The back of the house is fenced in.

Peter regularly walks their dog, called Theo, that recently got lost. They probably all go to the same synagogue in Santa Monica, but probably not to the one Bob is said to own there since that is a reform one and they are Orthodox Jews. They have three sons and a daughter, all in their teens. (
Jakob has been seen going with two boys there, supposedly his sons.) They pretty much just stay home in the house, although once, some years ago, he police were called once because Peter was playing music too loud in the backyard one night.
Jesse Byron Dylan. Born January 6, 1966. Is married to Susan Traylor, an actress, and they have a son, William, together. He is the President and CEO of the multi-million dollar corporation Paradise Music and Entertainment, Inc. He and his family live in West Hollywood. His wife, is mentioned several times in Joan Didion's book "The Year of Magical Thinking" because her late daughter, Quintana, and Susan had been close friends since the age of three, and Quintana, Susan and Jesse all together attended the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School in Malibu.
Anna Leigh Dylan. Born July 11, 1967. She is working as an artist, living in Santa Monica with her husband.
Samual Abraham Dylan. Born July 30, 1968. Worked as a photographer, and lives with his wife, Stacy Hochheiser, and their son Jonah.
Jakob Luke Dylan. Born December 9, 1969. Married Nicole Paige Denny in 1992, and they had three children together (Levi, James and ?). Jakob is most famous out of the Dylan children for being the lead member of the Grammy winning band The Wallflowers.
*UPDATE* Jakob and Nicole were spotted at Maria's house for Sabbath awhile ago and indeed they have been able to work out their differences and withdrew their divorce plans.
With Carolyn:
Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan was born on January 31, 1986 in LA, California. She is 21 years old and currently lives in Calabasas (near Beverly Hills).
There is a supposedly another child named Narette, that Dylan fathered with Clydie King.
According to Carolyn Dennis and also statements by his ex-girlfriend Susan Ross, Dylan has fathered nine or ten children.
Desiree Gabrielle:
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Maria, with Peter and their daughter in California.
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Jesse Dylan
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Samuel Dylan
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Jakob Dylan
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"Bob Dylan freed your mind,
like Elvis freed your body."

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