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Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan

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"Let me ask you one question..."


Hi! Thanks for looking at my site. If you have any questions or comments regarding this website, Dylan, or music in general, feel free to email me at dharma_bums1957@yahoo.com or check out my FACEBOOK


It began as just a simple fansite displaying some of my personal favorite articles, pictures, etc. as well as basic updates with his tour schedule. But as I became more and more of a fan, I realized I had a lot more questions about the man behind the music. That is when this website really began to grow. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had questions about his personal life (why couldn't he have ended up with Joan??) and I wanted them answered. At the end of the day, I'm clearly here to express my love of Dylan's music. That is what is most important. But this site is for the fans who want something more. What was going on in his life that inspired the music? From love to politics and everything in between, Dylan used these personal turmoils and joys to make the music that we all love. I don't want this page to be seen as a "gossip" website. I have so much respect for Bob Dylan as an artist, and I just want to have a deeper understanding of him (don't we all?).


My name is Leslie and I'm a young woman living in Maryland.

I think I had discovered Bob Dylan's music in 6th grade. I had always known the name, I had read about it him a lot when I would read about the Beatles (my first & true love). When I was in 6th grade, the family had gotten a record player & set it up, so I decided to rumage through my mom's record collection to see what I could find. I of course pulled out albums by groups like the Beatles & the Who - but then I saw it. The Times They Are A-Changing. I saw an angry young Dylan in grainy black and white looking up at me & it intrigued me. I set down the rest of the records, and took Dylan's with me to the turn-table. I put it on, & I must say, my life was the never the same. By the second song I was in tears (Seems weird, but I'm not kidding!).  I was just blown away, I had never heard anybody else like him. I found a new love.

Immediately, I found out all I could about this man. I bought books about him, & began collecting his albums on CD & record. Since becoming a fan, I've made it to three wonderful Dylan concerts. After all these years, my love for him and his music is still strong & he continues to be an influence in my life.

Oof! Stop hitting us, Mr Legal-type Bouncer person. Ouch!
Disclaimer, because I have to:
I am not Bob Dylan, or anyone who knows him personally. This site was created by someone who is only a FAN of Dylan. This site is 100%, totally and completely UNofficial. So please, please don't send me love letters thinking I'm him (you know you want to). This site is not authorized by or affiliated with any official company. 'Tis only a fansite.

"Bob Dylan freed your mind,
like Elvis freed your body."

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